Anglers urged to stand up for the Thames

The Angling Trust, along with Thames Anglers Conservancy(TAC), are calling on all anglers and angling clubs in London and the South-East to speak out in favour of plans to clean up the tidal Thames through the construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel.
An application to build the tunnel has finally been submitted and the public have until May 28th to register as ‘interested parties’ – this the only way that the Planning Inspectorate can now hear views and opinions. The Thames Tideway Tunnel which will intercept 34 of the worst polluting Combined Sewer Overflows and help put an end to the scandal of 39 million tonnes of untreated sewage polluting both the tidal river and the estuary.
Trust Chief Executive Mark Lloyd said: “ It is self evident that anglers are ‘interested parties’ which is why we are making it dead simple for as many people as possible to complete the registration form. Sadly there are non anglers out there who don’t care about dead fish and wildlife or polluted rivers and who are trying to stop or delay this vital project. They will be raising their objections during the planning process which is why those of us who care for our rivers and the environment must make our voices heard loud and clear.”
He added: “We are contacting each and every individual member of the Angling Trust and all affiliated angling club in the region to register as an 'interested party' for the examination of the Thames Tideway Tunnel application. We have some model text to help the process which can be done entirely online in less than five minutes.”
Dave Harvey, Chairman of the TAC, said: "The tidal Thames could be a world class fishery and wildlife superhighway right in the centre of London if we fixed the sewers and ended the pollution and fish kills. We urge every angler to stand beside us in fighting for a clean river for ourselves, and for future generations to enjoy. "
Registration is accessed via the following link
Full details on how to register and key points to consider
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