We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all the Patrons of the TAC; we are indebted to you for your vital support.
Honorary President, Keith Arthur
Keith is one of the countries best known anglers with his weekly TV and radio shows. A former successful matchman and now top all rounder, what Keith does not know is simply not worth knowing. His involvement with the Thames Anglers Conservancy at its embryonic stage can simply not be underestimated.
Honorary Vice President Les Webber MBE
Very few people in angling are honoured by the Queen and Les is one of those. His contributions to junior angling through his Angling Projects are legendary and the centre he built with a lake is used free of charge by groups from all over the country.
Nigel Botherway
An angling journalist who is also mad keen on rugby and cycling. Nigel has caught fish from all over the world, but when at home loves his Thames fishing. You can often see him on the fishing program Tight Lines and he regularly stands in as the presenter on the Fisherman’s Blues radio show.
Duncan Charman
In the magazines, on the internet or on TV, you will see this top specialist all rounder catching fish. A professional photographer whose multi species exploits, in even the worst of conditions, regularly win accolades and awards.
Terry Hearn
Former British Carp record holder, a genuine living legend who has caught more big carp than anyone else. His tally of big specimens of other species is equally impressive. He’s had books published, made dvds, and is accredited with inventing the chod rig.
Ruth Lockwood
Vice Chair of the English Carp Heritage Organisation, ECHO, owner of the Yateley Angling centre that is the mecca for carp anglers. Who has succeeded in not only reaching the countries politicians, but getting them to listen and change laws.
Martin Salter
Former Member of Parliament who represented angling to government. A multi species angler who has caught fish from all over the world. He knows his way around a tackle box just as well as the ways of government.
Mike Wilson
An unsung Carp legend who was involved with the founding of the Carp Society amongst others, published the ‘Baiting Pyramid’ theory in 1976.  He was involved in the development of carp angling from the very beginning. Mike has a staggering amount of early carp angling ephemera, from letters by Dick Walker, photographs and even a scale from Clarissa.
Fred French MBE
Fred was simply put one of the greatest ambassadors the sport of angling has ever seen. From his early days in London, onto the River Lee and then into the North West, he accumulated a CV of angling achievements that may never be surpassed. Many angling organisation across the country benefited from his expertise including the TAC at our very inception. Fred passed away in May 2011 and will be sadly missed. You can read his obituary on the Angling Trust site.
John Hepworth
A stalwart of angling for more years than he’d care to remember. Former secretary of The Chub Study Group, who has been involved with many others in the past, his contributions to angling are quite simply, too many to list here. Sadly John passed away in July 2013.