Angling Data View

Angling Data View is a simple one page website displaying “live” data from the Environment Agency’s network of river data recorders on the rivers Thames, Wey, Kennet and Lee.
The network recorders are located  at Caversham, Windsor, Penton Hook and Kew on the Thames, Fobney on the Kennet and Shalford on the Wey.
Anglers can view details of river temperatures, turbidity and oxygen levels over the last seven days ahead of venturing out for a catch.
The project is the result of a collaborative project between the Environment Agency’s fisheries team, its national instrumentation team, and Meteor Data Centre in consultation with anglers from the Thames Valley Angling Association and Thames Anglers' Conservancy. 
This new angling service uses an existing network of sensors and data recorders that are already in place along the rivers for  monitoring water quality.
Further information about the project is available on the Environment Agency website.
Click here to see the latest River Thames, Wey and Kennet conditions from Angling Data View
Click here to see the latest River Lee conditions from Angling Data View