TAC and the Environment Agency at Penton Hook

The Thames Anglers Conservancy and fisheries officers from the Environment Agency spent a day clearing the spawning channel at Penton Hook in preparation for spring.
The channel, which was built in 2000, runs through Penton Hook island provides important clean gravel habitat where fish can spawn away from the main River Thames. The timing of the clearance was critical as before the fish moved down to spawn and whilst the bankside fauna remains dormant, so not affecting any nesting birds.
The flow through the channel had become restricted due to a build up of debris over the previous seasons, this along with overhang into the water that was removing light and stopping any plant growth.
TAC members removing logs from the channel


One area where flow was restricted


Clearing an overgrown area and nearly losing a hat


A cleared section of the channel

One week on and the fruits of the hard work was evident to see

Thanks goes to the EA fisheries team and TAC volunteers for all the hard work involved.

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