Tidal Thames Draw Off 2014

Each year in mid November the Semi-Tidal Thames between Teddington and Richmond is allowed to ‘draw off’, or become a full tidal river.
This allows access to locks, weirs, and sluices along the river for essential maintenance and  inspection of the river bed, including invertebrate surveys.
Below are some pictures taken during the low tide this year


DSCN0043[1] IMAG1288_zps6fe55220[1] DSCN0030[1] IMAG1306_zpsa2c2c27f[1] DSCN0022[1] IMAG1290_zpsd278a21d[1] DSCN0033[1] DSCN0011[1] DSCN0042[1] DSCN0041[1] DSCN0028[1] IMAG1296_zps89f5e045[1] IMAG1287_zps7fbdfa3b[1] DSCN0040[1] DSCN0032[1] IMAG1299_zps25d8cb99[1] DSCN0006[1] IMAG1294_zps73a7964c[1] DSCN0025[1]


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