Silver Bream

Captor: Stuart Manwaring
Weight: 1lb 14oz
Date: January 2015

Stuart writes:I had what I believe to be a pretty good Silver for the Thames (at Sandford) the other day – 1lb 14oz. Lateral line scale count and anal fin ray counts match up. The fish was weighed on a set of 40lb Avon scales (can you tell I normally fish for the larger growing species!) in a small carrier bag. I took an estimate of its length based on the photos of it on my arm and one in the 18” landing net and it puts it around the 13” in length mark. Growth curves and length weight regressions seem to match up the weight I got from the scales. Unfortunately due to the weather that day there were no other anglers around to witness it. It does look a bit roachy in the photo, but its kind of resting at an angle and you don’t quite a full impression of the depth of its body.

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