Captor: Matthew Kendall
Weight: 8lb 5oz
Date: August 2016

Matt wrote:I have fished the Thames around this part for a number of years and never caught or seen any signs of eels, so was amazed to see the eel surface. What was impressive was how thick it was. I couldn’t believe it. A fish that could easily be a double in years to come. It was a truly special fish and a magnificent sight and one I won’t forget in a hurry.

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Captor: William Pettigrew
Weight: 5lb 2oz
Date: August 2012

William wrote: Went out fishing this morning,first time on the bank since getting my gear robbed. Fished the semi hoping to catch my elusive perch over a pound. Got the surprise of my life when the rod bent over, thought by the jaggedy pulls I’ve gotten a big perch. but no? When I got the fish to the surface, I couldn’t believe my eyes…….

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