Hydropower at Romney weir

Development Details: Two 4m diameter Archimedes screws, mounted on the weir structure. There is 300 kW maximum power output.
Original plans in 2003 were shelved in 2006 by the first contractor, then new plans in 2008. This pilot scheme is expected be operational in spring 2013
Developers http://www.sepengineering.com/
EA Update April 2013:
Further theoretical studies to look at Archimedes screws with 4 and 5 blade designs have been completed. An interim guidance note has been issued for use in determining applications using these designs. At Romney we have a commitment from the developer to fund fish passage trials on a 5 blade design Archimedes screw installed at the weir. This should provide evidence to support the national interim guidance note. Once the Romney scheme is operational our Fisheries Technical Specialists will work with the operator to develop a trial to simulate and record passage of fish through the 5 blade turbine. This will be important research to provide evidence and support to our Good Practice Guidelines and any proposed revisions.
Planning permission
Issued. Scheme is not yet operational. National Grid connection test completed. Impoundment Licence Compliance check undertaken. Minor works are required prior to commissioning of turbines. Developer is planning to be operational in Spring 2013.
Agreement for Lease
Electricity Agreement
Agreed with Royal Household at Windsor Castle


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