River Crane Pollution 2011

Over the 29th – 31st October 2011, the River Crane in West London was hit by a devastating pollution incident which wiped out an entire seven mile stretch of the river.
Raw sewage was discharged from an outfall close to the A4 Bath Road in Cranford following routine maintenance by Thames Water on a main sewer. 
A six-tonne,cast-iron Penstock valve used to control flows jammed closed on Saturday 30th October causing raw sewage to build up. Although engineers were able to take a much of the backed-up sewage away, the volume of sewage was such that they were not able to tanker all of it away.
Faced with the unpalatable choice of letting the remaining sewage back up into the airport or spill to the River Crane, Thames Water was forced to opt for the latter. From Saturday until 3am on Monday morning sewage spilled intermittently to the river destroying all life.
All attempts to re-open the Penstock gate were not successful until early on Monday morning when engineers used custom made lifting equipment to force it open.
Estimates from the Environment Agency were that the Crane suffered a total loss of all fish with as many as 10,000 being killed. Initial surveys showed that no Invertebrates survived the devastation. The river Crane is home to lots of wildlife including an important Vole population which may have been unaffected, but is being monitored for long term effects. Organisations such as the London Wildlife Trust and Friends of the River Crane Environment have seen many years of work affected over a single weekend.
The fish stocks killed included countless mature Barbel, Chub, Carp and Roach along with Pike, Eels, Dace and many other species. The true cost to the river may will be known as many fish would have been washed into the Tidal Thames by the sewage surge.
Thames Water has accepted full responsibility and is working with conservation and community groups along with the Thames Anglers Conservancy and Angling Trust to restore the river to a historical status.
The Thames Anglers Conservancy are pressing Thames Water to investigate all critical sewer infrastructure near our valuable river networks. This incident whilst seemingly unavoidable, highlights again that it is unacceptable in a modern age to have CSO’s depositing raw sewage into our rivers, destroying all wildlife and creating a severe health hazard for recreational users.


In June 2012 Thames Water confirmed a voluntary fund of £400,000 to support initiatives along this important river corridor, this fund will be administered by the Crane Valley Partnership.


In October 2013 the River Crane was destroyed by a new and devasting pollution incident undoing most of the good work over the previous 2-years. Initial blame was cast towards Thames Water but an investigation showed it was vandalism to one of their pipes. This new total fish kill shows just how vunberable the river is, and has set it back by many years. 



 01/07/2014 Thames Water Guilty of Negligence

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