Thames Record List

This list is the top weights of freshwater fish caught by rod and line from the flowing River Thames. It was created from available historical information and is updated with the new records as they are confirmed.

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List as at December 2016

Species Weight Captor Date Link
Barbel 18lb 5oz Chris Whapshott


Chris Wylot


 Oct/Nov 2016  

(Alburnus alburnus)
3 oz 8 dr N D Sizmur 1963 Walton-on-Thames
ref. Angling records in the UK
Bream – common 10lb 13oz Rob Inns November 2015
Bream – silver 1lb 14oz Stuart Manwaring January 2015 bream-silver-stuart-manwaring-1lb14oz.jpg
(Squalius cephalus)
9lb 4oz Dylan Docherty 2007 (From the top 50 Chub list)
Carp – common 40lb 5oz Duncan Green September 2011 carp-common-duncan-green-40lb5oz.jpg
Carp – crucian 4lb 2oz Justin Gray September 2014 carp-crucian-justin-gray-4lb2oz.jpg
Carp – mirror 48lb 7oz Steve Shenfield November


Carp – grass 30lb 1oz Tim Hughes August 2009 Angling Times
(Leuciscus leuciscus)
1lb 3oz 0dr R. Page January 1964
Eel 8lb 5oz Matthew Kendall August 2016
(Gobio gobio)
4oz 8dr G.Cedrick  1933 Datchet
ref. Angling records in the UK
Perch 6lb 4oz “Bill” March 2014 Anglers Mail
(Previous mark – 5.09 Andy Crossley December 2010 Anglers Mail)
Pike 34lb 2oz Colin House December 2011 pike-colin-house-34lb2oz.jpg
Roach 3lb 5oz David Booth Staines, 1927
Roach/Bream hybrid 5lb 10oz Louie Botha July 2012 bream-roach-hybrid-louie-botha-5lb10oz.jpg
Rudd unknown entries invited
Rudd/Bream hybrid 1lb 14oz Bill Rushmer 22nd October 1986
Ruffe 6oz Paul Sullivan August 2011 ruffe-paul-sullivan-6oz.jpg
Salmon 14lb 5oz Michael Hargrave August 1993 salmon-michael-hargrave-14lb5oz-1.jpg
Common or European
(Acipenser sturio)
66lb Lewis Gibson May 1867 Putney
ref. Angling records in the UK
Tench 8lb 11oz Duncan Green June 2013 tench-duncan-green-8lb11oz.jpg
Wels Catfish
(Silurus glanis)
64lb Jamie Drylie August 2010
Zander 13lb 12oz Ashley Stockbridge November 2009 zander-ashley-stockbridge-13lb12oz-4.jpg
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