EA Water Report shows River flows declined in June

Penton HookThe Environment Agency Water Situtaion report for June 2013 shows rainfall was considerably lower than average, but the wet winter and cooler than average spring and early summer mean that this has not had a great impact on groundwater levels or river flows.
Rainfall was just under 40% of the long term average fo r the South East this month, the driest June for 7 years. North West Grain and Sheppey on the North Kent coast had the 3 rd driest June since records began in 1910. There were some sporadic showers during the month, but no daily rainfall totals above 20 mm were recorded. Spring and early summer have been drier than usual and April to June rainfall totals are only 71% of average for the Region
Soil Moisture Deficit
Recharge and Groundwater Levels Soil moisture deficits ended the month around 20mm great er than the mean for June as a result of the low rainfall. Recharge totals were low, as is usual at this time of year when evaporation is high. Groundwater levels are still noticeably impacted by t he wet conditions over the winter, with five sites across the Region above normal and levels at Lilley Bottom in the Mimram catchment notably high . Stonor Park, Well House Inn and Clanville Lodge all had the highest levels for the end of June since 2001. Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight recorded exceptionally high levels this month, however the behaviour of this site is known to be erratic at times. Clanville Lodge had the 4 th highest level for June on record, only 1.8m lower than that recorded in 2001, the highest. Groundwater levels declined during the month at all the key sites, as is usual at this time of year.
River Flows
River flows declined during the month, with little contribut ion from rainfall. Despite the low rainfall, most of the key sites had normal flows for the time of year, and a few mainly groundwater dominated sites had above normal flows. This disparity is the result of t he wet winter and the cooler than average spring and early summer. The Test at Broadlands has had the highest April to June flows since 2001, as a result of the high groundwater levels in the catchment. There we re no flood alerts or warnings issued this month.
Reservoir Storage/Water Resource Zone
Stocks Reservoir storage fell this month for all the reservoirs other than those supplied from the River Thames. Storage remains above average for the time of year, except for the small rese rvoir at Darwell, where storage is slightly lower than average.
Full Report HERE
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