Welcome to the Thames Anglers’ Conservancy

We are a group of anglers who came together in 2010 wanting to protect the River Thames from the many challenges it faces and help improve it for the future

Keys Aims

Campaign for cleaner waters and against detrimental changes to our river

Promote Angling and a greater understanding of the Thames

Raise awareness of Thames environmental issues and work for long term improvement

Key Issues

Pollution from Sewage or other Sources

Fish Kills

Damaging Hydropower

Over Abstraction

Poaching, Illegal Fishing


The Environment Agency is appealing for information following a serious illegal fishing offence at Teddington Weir in Richmond.

If you see anything suspicious including fixed or set lines, please report it to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060

Teddinton net

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Angling Trust

The Angling Trust is the national representative body for game, coarse and sea anglers in England. Members support the campaigns and legal action they carry out to protect fish stocks and programs to increase the number of anglers fishing for fun and in competitions. They are fighting for the future of your fishing, but need support to do more. If you want to protect your fish and fishing, for now and in future join your representative body today.