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We are a group of anglers who want to protect the River Thames from the many challenges the river faces and improve it for the future

Our Key aims are to:

Campaign for cleaner waters and against detrimental changes to our river

Promote Angling and a greater understanding of the Thames

Raise awareness of Thames environmental issues and work for long term improvement

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 Illegal Gill net found strung across the Thames at Teddington

Teddinton net

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 The Environment Agency is appealing for information following a serious illegal fishing offence at Teddington Weir in Richmond.

If you see anything suspicious including fixed or set lines, please report it to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060


Selected Recent News

All System go on the Thames Tideway


For lovers of London’s river this is shaping up to be a good year. On Sunday 20th September the second TideFest event will take place on the Thames at Kew, Brentford and Barnes and last week the final legal hurdles were cleared enabling the new ‘Supersewer’ to be built which will remove millions of tonnes of storm overflow sewage discharges which enter the river every year.

The River Hogsmill Fish Passage – South East Rivers Trust

Hogs 1

This blog is reproduced from http://www.southeastriverstrust.org/category/riverrestoration and http://www.southeastriverstrust.org/obstruction-at-the-a3-part-2 . Covering the excellent work done in providing fish passage along the urban River Hogsmill and the recent work with the TAC.

Fish Legal Wins Historic Judgment to Prevent Water Industry Hiding its Dirty Secrets

The environmental and angling organisation, Fish Legal, has won a major victory in a groundbreaking case against Yorkshire Water Services Ltd and United Utilities Plc, which was the culmination of a six year legal campaign for greater transparency within the water and sewerage industry.

7500 fish in Christmas stocking helps revive the River Crane


The Environment Agency, working as part of the Crane Valley Partnership which includes the Thames Anglers Conservancy  to restore the river’s vitality following major sewage spills in 2011 and 2013, released 2000 chub, 2000 dace, 2000 roach and 1500 barbel into the river on Wednesday 3 December.


‘SuperSewer’ gets Government approval, an end in sight for the Tidal Pollution

The Thames Anglers Conservancy , Angling Trust, The Salmon and Trout Association joined environmental groups and charities representing over 5 million people who have been campaigning for a cleaner Thames in London in welcoming the decision of the government to go ahead with the long awaited and much needed Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Thames Water found Guilty over 2011 River Crane Devastation

Thames Water have been found guilty of negligence over the 2011 River Crane pollution which killed an estimated 10,000 fish and wiped out all life over a 7 mile stretch.
Dead river Crane Chub
At Isleworth Crown Court on 27th June Thames Water were fined £75000 and order to pay costs of £94000 after the judge found them negligent in their maintenance and operation of the Penstock gate that failed causing the massive pollution incident. The judge found that this was a unique event with two engineering failures, but found Thames Water to have been negligent, to have fallen short of its duty and that there had been a management failure. 
New Pass to aid eels on the Hogsmill



New Threat to our Rivers from Hydropower Grants


The Angling Trust has raised concerns that the Community Energy Strategy announced by Energy Minister Ed Davey today, coupled with the already generous Feed in Tariffs offered by government, will lead to a fresh wave of applications for planning permission for hydropower turbines from community groups that could do great damage to fisheries for many decades to come.


Crime Stoppers

Angling Trust

The Angling Trust is the national representative body for game, coarse and sea anglers in England. Members support the campaigns and legal action they carry out to protect fish stocks and programs to increase the number of anglers fishing for fun and in competitions. They are fighting for the future of your fishing, but need support to do more. If you want to protect your fish and fishing, for now and in future join your representative body today.