Invasive Species Alert – Killer Shrimp!

What is it?
A highly invasive non-native species that has spread from the Ponto-Caspian Region of Eastern Europe. As a voracious predator it kills a range of native species, including young fish, and significantly alters ecosystems.
The first known outbreak of this species was found in Grafham Water on 3 September 2010.
Please watch  BBC TV: Countryfile, 6.30pm, BBC1, Sunday 10 October 2010
  How do you identify it?
  • Total body length of up to 30 mm (large for a freshwater amphipod).
  • May appear striped or uniform in coloration pattern.
  • Mandibles are relatively large.
  • Behaviour is particularly vicious and destructive.
Dikerogammarus villosus
If you find this species, please send a photo and details of the sighting to: stop the spread of this species by:
  • Inspecting and cleaning boats and kit before and after use
  • Inspecting and cleaning launching trailers
  • Draining all bilge water from boats before leaving the site
  • Inspecting and cleaning tackle before and after use.
  • Clean and dry all nets and tackle after use.
  • Check for any signs of the Shrimp on your equipment.
  • Making sure no lake water is taken away with your kit.
  • Not transferring live bait between water bodies.
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